I just finished watching a DVD of La Clemenza di Tito (Opera National de Paris, Susan Graham et al.) and was reminded of just how weird a character Tito is. He’s so nice it’s a little bit freaky. It’s like he’s turned his secret CLEMENCY BEAM on his subjects once or twice two often and perhaps himself suffered some collateral damage. (Also, question for the production designers: what was with that red rubber muscle suit thing in the beginning? That was weird.)

[Edit, 2/21/12: discussion of the potato.]

2 thoughts on “Opera

  1. Dear Earworm,

    as I was recently watching this Clemenza my attention was caught by the huge floating potato. What was that about?



    1. I have no idea. I’ve thought about the red muscle suit a little bit since and I think I can come up with a rationale for that (oddly enough, I was just thinking about writing about that production again!) but the potato is and remains a mystery to me. If you’ve got a theory, please tell me.


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