The Staatsoper Berlin 02 Cosi fan tutte that’s set in the 70s?

I could watch that any number of times. It’s so deliciously . . . goofy. Cosi definitely has a goofy streak to it and this production just takes that and runs with it. I mean, there are Che Guevara shirts. Two of them. (Or maybe just one. I’m unclear as to whether Fiordiligi is supposed to be wearing Ferrando’s for the wedding, or if it’s a different shirt. Anyway. Che Guevara! And you thought ‘t-shirts featuring dead revolutionaries’ and ‘Mozart opera’ were non overlapping categories.) [update: there are in fact two different Che Guevara shirts. Ferrando’s is green; Fiordiligi’s is red.]

Also. Werner Güra. Whenever I hear him, I always think, wait, that’s Werner Güra. He’s very easy on the ears, and anyone who can sing “un’ aura amorosa” while sprawled in a plastic lawn chair and do so convincingly is definitely in my good books.

(Unrelated language note: unfortunately for us English speakers this is one of those German “everyone gets an umlaut” operations, so if you want to mention anyone by name, there is cutting and pasting involved. Seriously, languages-that-are-not-English: diacritical marks are unnecessary. The relationship between spelling and pronunciation is best left obscure and confusing. Otherwise, how is it fun?)