I bought the CD from which this is taken a while back. I like the recording, but the first time I heard this track, which is Zerlina’s aria ‘vedrai, carino’ from Don Giovanni my reaction to the concept of Kasarova as Zerlina was somewhere between absolutely not and I would like to see this attempted. I don’t know why I found it so odd. I think it’s because I associate her with trouser roles and this would be very different. (And also, she’s a mezzo, and it’s a soprano role — but this often doesn’t make as much difference as you’d think.) But mainly it is because I have seen DVDs of her performing and her stage presence can be downright peculiar.

But there is “bizarre but it ultimately works” and “you think it would work just fine but no one ever wants to talk about it ever again.” I’m still not sure which this concept would be, but since it’s never going to happen it’s kind of a moot point.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre

  1. hurrah, you’ve moved to friendly wordpress, i can leave a comment now! (didn’t read far enough down your post from the other site…) anyhow, here’s footage of Kasarova singing Zerlina onstage a long time ago (around min 1.20).


    1. Thank you for the video! It gave my German comprehension a run for its money.

      Kasarova does make a good Zerlina — I wish I could see the whole thing. I am more and more a fan of hers the more I listen to her recordings; there’s just something about her voice that is really moving and interesting. No one else sounds like she does.


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