I am NOT Sam the Eagle.

Sometimes I have a look at the statistics on all the random stuff I post on YouTube. It occasionally surprises me what gets the most views. For example, this video of part of a gala concert from Berlin in 1997 beats all my other clips hands down. It’s Roeschmann and René Pape singing ‘la ci darem la mano’ from Don Giovanni. As I said, this is less a recital or a concert than a festive occasion (there is a magician mingling with the audience) and musically, this is the heaviest-weight item on the program.

This is not actually a piece that I go looking for concert versions of. I’ve seen it turn silly or schlocky too many times, and in terms of the music, I’m happier to hear it within the context of an actual recording or performance. But this version is fun. Sort of sweet. (Comment by friend looking over my shoulder as I was watching this: “What’s his problem?” Me: “He’s Don Giovanni. Shush.” Friend: “I think I had that dress back in high school.” Me: “Shhhh.” Friend: “She looks . . . . squirrelly.” Me: “Philistine.”)

That friend later sent me this, a reference which anyone who was a child in the 80s will probably understand:

2 thoughts on “I am NOT Sam the Eagle.

  1. that’s a very interesting beginning to the clip! you think the people who got there are those same parents who thought mozart is mozart and Don Giovanni is Magic Flute too (oh, circus, should be great for children!) 😀
    i also love the version by Simon Keenlyside and Christine Schäfer, which also is a concert version. (and being a Kasarova’s fan, of course i also love her version with Skovhus :-)). somehow am not surprised that people only search for certain aria in concert version instead of seeing it in context (part of the opera) or even rarer viewing the whole operas.


  2. Ha! I was going to link to the Keenlyside/Schaefer version when I was discussing this, but in the end I didn’t get to it.

    I think you’re right – there are some children in the audience, and according to the program listing (I didn’t watch the whole DVD) there were fireworks and more magicians. More of a party than a concert. I have no idea why it turned up on a DVD, but it did.


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