Today in bizarre

Sometimes I have a look at what search terms lead people to find me. Yesterday the winner was ‘malin hartelius’ (I get a little spike in traffic whenever I mention Malin Hartelius. I am not sure why her more than anyone else, but this is the pattern. So. Dear Internet: MALIN HARTELIUS).

Today the winner in terms of ‘I would not have expected that set of search criteria to lead here’ was: ‘bo skovhus wife’

Whoever you were, I hope you found out who Skovhus is married to, if he’s married. I don’t know myself so I can’t help you there, but, well, vaya con dios.

2 thoughts on “Today in bizarre

    1. Google is a mysterious thing. I get a surprising amount of “bo skovhus” – why I don’t know. Never “bo skovus naked” yet though. I’m kind of relieved about that.


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