My project this weekend is to watch that recent DVD of Alcina again. My critical reactions to things tend to be rather knee-jerk the first time (I’ll tell you a little story sometime about me and not liking Dorothea Roeschmann’s voice the first time I heard it) but the flip side to this is that I have the pleasure of changing my mind later, which is both fun and productive, as far as writing goes.

2 thoughts on “Alcina

  1. ah, would love to engage in a conversation after your second take on it. i saw it live 3x, and one could call it the biased atmosphere of live performances, but i was absolutely floored and in awe by the energy and beauty of the entire piece. counting the 4-5hrs standing in-line plus another 4+hrs standing during each performance, i couldn’t get enough and was depressed for 2 full weeks after arriving back from Wien to LA! i know, i know, sounds pretty serious, almost had to have my head checked :-), but it was that beautiful, and the fact that each day of the performance the dynamics were different… for example, “Si, Son Quella, Non Più Bella” was devastating on the 2nd night and “Mi lusinga il dolce affetto” was heartbreaking on the first night…


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