Three and a Half Mozart Serenades

Inspired by the pair of undergraduates I saw yelling back and forth to one another this afternoon, one leaning out the window of a third floor room and one below on the walkway. But it did snow today, so perhaps everyone is a little freaked out and a certain amount of strange behavior is excusable. (Holy shit, it snowed! I’m glad it didn’t happen during class this morning, or we would all have spent seventy-five minutes staring out the window in horror and fascination and there would have been no discussion of Herodotus.)

Three serenades:

1. Orientalist

2. Surrealist

and 3., Susanna shows us that serenading is not just for the boys. The walkway-level serenader this afternoon was a young woman, so this entirely appropriate. Röschmann does it with a little more style, though. And she is not wearing Uggs, which is a win for everyone.

Then there’s this, which should probably just be ignored until it goes away:

(It’s from PDQ Bach’s The Abduction of Figaro.)