Weekend 1-14-12

I have been digesting Berlioz’s Les Troyens. (Imagine a mid-sized python swallowing an office chair. It was kind of like that.)

This weekend’s project will be one of two DVDs of Entführung and possibly some Strauss. And I may end up complaining a little more about Emma Kirkby.

There is also this recording of Ariadne auf Naxos, which is in English (so I guess it’s Ariadne ON Naxos) and even though Stephen Fry is the Major-Domo, I am still going into it with a certain amount of skepticism. I listened to the ‘Bourgeois Gentillhomme’ suite (it’s the ‘filler’ since the opera isn’t really two discs long) already and that was quite good, so I think that the thorniness, if there is thorniness, is going to be conceptual rather than musical. I am capable of being convinced of all kinds of things, but I’m not sure yet whether Strauss in English is one of them.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 1-14-12

    1. I watched that very DVD. I was ambivalent about some aspects of the way they staged it, but on the whole I liked the opera itself and found a lot to admire in that particular performance.

      I have one CD of it, a live recording from Rome in (I think) the 70s with Shirley Verrett as Dido and Marilyn Horne as Cassandra and Nicolai Gedda as Aeneas. It’s abridged, but pretty good.

      I’d love to see it live, too – but you’re right, we may be waiting a while for that.


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