Nearly forgot – Don Carlos tomorrow!

I am going to attempt to watch Don Carlos here tomorrow. I say attempt because one, sometimes there are weird technical/permissions things with watching live streaming from abroad (this happened to me only once, but I was sorely disappointed) and two, it requires me to get up at an ungodly hour for a weekend. (‘Central Time Zone’ my ass. Central Time is a gigantic lie. Central Time is not Central. It is Peripheral Time. At best.)

And I will write notes ONLY during intermissions. I will sit on my hands if I have to, but I will not scribble during the singing. Because we are civilized around here. Most of the time, anyway.

5 thoughts on “Nearly forgot – Don Carlos tomorrow!

  1. central time, good for you! try pacific standard time!! arghhh. i once watched live from the Bayerische Staatsoper live stream, went very smoothly, so let’s keep fingers crossed. several alarms will be set. between now and then i’ll have to read also the synopsis 🙂


    1. This is true. Anyone in the Pacific time zone will have to get up even earlier than I will.

      Don Carlos party tomorrow!! (I will try to restrain my enthusiasm. But I’m really excited to hear Harteros in this)


      1. would have been great if you have a good pair of speakers. sadly i’ll have to settle for my laptop speakers due to unintentional travel, argh. i hope she gets to sing more (i don’t know the opera…) coz last time i saw Simon Boccanegra (on YT) there was a LOAD of male singing and she barely got anytime…


        1. Elisabeth gets a good share of stage time in Don Carlos (second probably only to Carlos himself), so this should be fun. I always wish that she got more interaction with Princess Eboli – they get one duet in some but not all versions – but not being Verdi myself I can’t rewrite the opera . . .

          Bummer about the speakers! I hope your travel goes well otherwise.


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