Not quite music, but related

About accents.

8 thoughts on “Not quite music, but related

    1. That is a very flattering guess, but nope 🙂

      New Englanders tend to sound either much drawly-er than me (e.g. old school NE brahmins like Katherine Hepburn) or much more whiny (western Mass) or like the people in the movie Good Will Hunting.


  1. i can only say you’re not from N. Carolina? my first yr grad, i was exposed to people from many countries including this girl with this rather interesting “accent”, so i asked which country she was originally from and she said N. Cherolina. Not sure if it’s related to accent but many Americans talk very fast and sort of blur the words together. all i notice is that yours is slow, clear, like on npr!

    and no, not new england, coz i’ve been here (there) for a while, those people talk a bit funny, caah instead of cARRRR 🙂


    1. You are correct – definitely not North Carolina, or South Carolina. Also: woohoo! I sound like NPR! (I was using my ‘giving an academic conference paper’ mode when I recorded this; I normally talk a little faster.)


        1. No again! (My username is a sort of in-joke with people I went to grad school with and is a convoluted reference the topic of my doctoral thesis, which was about the colony of Maryland in the 1600s.)

          I’m actually from the Puget Sound area of Washington State. All the stereotypes — coffee, salmon, hippies, pine trees, spotted owls, etc. — are true.


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