Weekend 1-28-12

I am in New York this weekend. The plan for tonight is The Enchanted Island at the Met. A friend of mine who was up here earlier in the month and saw it said that he enjoyed it, but putting everything in English may have been a mistake since the music was written mostly for text in Italian, and the translation plays havoc with the emphasis. I have been warned in advance that this is probably not the only aspect of the libretto that will annoy me. (His take in general was that it would have worked better had they put less effort into making it make sense.)

And I have built up an enormous backlog of stuff I intend to listen to but haven’t yet. My problem is that I have trouble not purchasing CDs when I want to hear them because I have this irrational fear that if I don’t get ahold of them right now they are going to disappear, which I realize is ridiculous, and then I don’t have time to listen to them properly, and then they sit there on my table, or in digital form on my iPod, and I feel guilty.