So, WordPress introduced an unexpected modification into the theme I use. There is now this thing called “infinite scroll” which means if you scroll down on the homepage, you don’t get to a footer and a little link that says “earlier posts.” Oh no. Now you just get more posts.

I would not care about this, but it appears to have had an unintended consequence, to wit: it has disabled my little map widget. (The name of the widget is “Clustrmap.”) The little map widget is sort of like a goldfish. It stopped moving this morning, and I thought, well, maybe it’s just resting. But no. The internet is sprinkling food in the tank in terms of hits, but the little map . . . the little map is not just resting. It has passed on. It is pushing up daisies. It is a Dead Widget.

And I really do think this is an effect of the alteration that WordPress made to this theme. The timing is so well correlated, and I can’t think of anything else that might cause this.

I will admit to being a little bit miffed here. I liked my little map widget. It wasn’t much, as widgets go. Its code was simple, its options limited, and sometimes it lost its little dots — this is the html version of mange, I suppose — but it worked, and we were used to one another.

4 thoughts on “Clustrfuck

  1. But luckily, when you click on an individual post – there is the little map, alive and, apparently, functioning 🙂
    Is there no override in the settings?


    1. Nope – there is a WP forum about it, and the general complaint is that you can’t turn it off. Basically, one has to change themes in order to shut the “infinite scroll” down and I’d like to avoid this since I like the way this theme looks. Argh.

      Are the maps functioning? When I see them, the last update is two days ago, and usually it updates every day.

      Tiny, silly little problems . . . .


    1. And you’re using the same little map widget? In that case, this may be a problem I myself have caused somehow. At least that means that there is likely a way I can fix it – I just have to work out what that is.


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