Scherza infida palate cleanser

Just so we can put all that opera in English firmly behind us, here are two (two!) great performances of “scherza infida,” in Italian in the approved manner. The first is Joyce DiDonato, the second Janet Baker.

(Also, did you know that apparently you can get “scherza infida” as a ringtone on your phone? I learned this on the internet just now. I don’t think I’d want my phone to be tinkling “scherza infida” at me every time someone called – but hey, that’s just me.)

2 thoughts on “Scherza infida palate cleanser

    1. It does! I’m used to thinking of older baroque performances (Baker’s was recorded in the 1970s) as being quite slow, and the ‘historically informed performance’ thing tending on the whole to speed tempos up — but this is not true in this case.


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