I have been all over the place this week. I have a new job (tenure track, with a 2/2 teaching load! if these phrases mean anything to you, you know why I have been a little scatterbrained this week!) which means that I will probably be moving to a state that is even redder, more rural and Confederacy-flavored than the one I live in now. But the job itself is great. And I have met some of my new colleagues, and they are also pretty awesome. So there will be no complaining from me.

Also, my computer is on the fritz. I had to take it to the Apple store this morning and they told me that the fan is shot – basically, the ball-bearings are worn out. It was making an awful growling sound and overheating, so I’m glad there is a simple solution and that it will cost me only $75.

An interesting side point about the growling sound. It is approximately the frequency range of a cello. I know this because it drowns out cellos in a way that it does not drown out violins or sopranos. How about that?

But. Because I am a tightwad and as a result own neither a TV nor a DVD player, I may be on limited blogging schedule for about half of next week. We will see. I have a computer at work, but the speakers suck, and all of my tricky DVD-ripping clip-making software is not on it.

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  1. congrats!!! redder + confederacy + rural in 1 sentence does sound a bit scary, but does it have an opera house and/or music scene? good luck with the new job.
    thanks for the software heads-up too, i was curious which one you used that kept the subtitles. i use ffmpeg and mplayer for everything, but unsure if they make subtitles.


    1. It does have a music scene – one of the other faculty members told me quite a bit about it. The town’s too small for an opera house, but the closest large city does have one, and that’s only an hour away . . . so the situation as far as music goes isn’t dire.


  2. Fortunately universities can be little oases in those scary places otherwise dominated by people with a white sheet fetish (I used to work in Jena, LA). I have a friend who is a medievalist in a town not unadjacent to the one where Stonewall Jackson once held a senior academic position and she seems to get by all right.


    1. I think this is true. I have a friend who works at a state school in Alabama, and this is basically what she said – it’s a little oasis, and it’s not bad at all. I have been assured by my soon-to-be colleagues of excellent food and plenty of chamber music as well as a good bookstore.


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