Time for a Baroque gamble

I have discovered the limitations of my library’s Interlibrary Loan capacity: they can’t get this. Or at least, they stopped trying. It has Röschmann on it, which means it’s probably worth hearing, but on the other hand, I already do have quite a lot of obscure baroque opera . . .

6 thoughts on “Time for a Baroque gamble

  1. Obscure barock operas, lending libraries and Röschmann: this reminds me of when I recently loaned a CD from local library: Handel Opera Arias by Harmonia Mundi. Among other arias it contains a aria “Quel torrente che s’innalza” from Giustino sung by Dorothea Röschmann. I have now listened it tens of times but can’t still not believe my ears: it sounded nothing like Frau Röschmann I have used to know. It is a early recording, but still… I am now waiting to get the the full recording from the library to see if this really is her singing this particular aria…


    1. I think I have that recording of Giustino! I had the same reaction when I first heard it – it was hard to believe it was really her. Her voice sounds so different on her earliest recordings. I’ve been told that singers’ voices often change somewhere between their late 20s and early 30s, and hers definitely did. Have you heard this recording of her singing Pergolesi and Vivaldi? It’s from 1994, and she sounds much like she does on the Giustino recording.


    1. Thank you! I enjoyed reading that – it sounds like she’s continually improving and refining her performance of that role.

      There is a DVD of her as Susanna – it’s out of print, but I found a used copy on Amazon a few months ago. Here is a clip from it of Röschmann singing Susanna’s Act IV aria.


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