Vivaldi / In Giustissimae Irae / Röschmann

I will preface this with the statement that I am not religious and my appreciation for church music is purely, well, musical. But I do like this motet, performed by Dorothea Röschmann and the Violons du Roy. It was recorded in 1994.

This is another one of those pieces where I have no idea what it’s about and I honestly do not care. My favorite part is the second aria, which begins around 5.20. There is a gentle sadness to this aria, but given the type of music this is, it’s not a directly experienced feeling, as when a character in an opera expresses despair or regret. It’s closer to a kind of abstract evocation of the emotion. Rather like the sadness in a Pietà. But I like it.

Also, can I say again how much I love YouTube’s tag suggestions? For this one it noticed there was a “Dorothea” in the video information and suggested . . . Dorothea of Bulgaria. Who is Dorothea of Bulgaria, you might ask? According to Wikipedia, which is where I went for this because I am not a medievalist, she was the first queen of Bosnia.

Now, the thing I want to know is: who is making YouTube videos that involve Dorothea of Bulgaria, and to what purpose?

2 thoughts on “Vivaldi / In Giustissimae Irae / Röschmann

  1. Thank you for this! This was very interesting: she sounds a lot more like Röschmann of later years to my ears than in the Giustino, which is apparently recorded in the same year.


    1. Having listened to this again when I was making the clip, I think you’re right. With the Giustino, when I heard Arianna’s first recitative I thought for a moment that that couldn’t possibly be Röschmann. Here in the Vivaldi she sounds younger, but more similar to what I’m used to from more recent performances.


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