Weekend 3-10-12

So I have been convinced to do a thing that I was probably going to do anyway even if everyone told me not to, which is go to Houston in April to hear Joyce DiDonato. Although I will admit to being a little leery of Texas. Not because I am afraid of getting shot or anything like that, but because the one and only other time I was ever in Texas I spent all forty eight hours of the visit trying to keep various sorts of grit out of my eyes. I wear contact lenses because I am 1) vain and 2) can see better with contacts than glasses for some reason, but sometimes vanity has consequences. I am thinking that I might saran-wrap the top half of my head.

I am traveling today, but should be back in business by this evening. I have a DVD of Capriccio that I should watch, but if I can I may try to get to the music library to get the Sellars version of Handel’s Giulio Cesare. (Interlibrary loan has not yet coughed up the Guth version of Handel’s Messiah – not fair!)

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  1. she (JDD) is also singing same role at the MET jan 2013, is that around the time of Röschmann? also, which role is it that she’s singing? i somehow assumed the title role is a soprano (Gruberova was singing on vivalavoce last time i barged in..)


    1. Röschmann is giving a Carnegie Hall recital in late January (WHICH I WILL BE AT COME HELL OR HIGH WATER) but I don’t think she’s on the Met lineup for 12-13 – although she’ll be the Countess at LA opera’s Figaro in May.

      I always thought that the title role of Maria Stuarda was a soprano one too – but JDD appears to be proving me wrong. The role of Elisabetta in this opera is often sung by a mezzo, but they’ve got someone else doing that. Maybe the range isn’t that high? I have never looked at the score, so I’m not sure.


      1. ah, i mean you can catch (and release) 2 birds in 1 trip: Röschmann’s recital and JDD at the MET… (yes, just checked: JDD is singing Maria Stuarda at MET Jan 4-26). I have open invitation to visit NY so i’ll try to come for both. And she’s in LA!!! i also have an open invitation to come work in LA anytime! (though Kasarova is singing with Stemme in Zurich, need to sort schedule for that first :-D).
        JDD often sings the soprano roles anyway no? such as Alcina. Has she ever sung Vitellia (i wouldn’t be surprised)? In Rossini’s “La donna del lago”, she sang Elena (to Daniela Barcellona’s Malcom I believed, i have radio broadcast 2010.) Back to that recording i’m still combing for, wouldn’t it be sooo much fun if Antonacci/JDD flipped characters every other day during a Clemenza’s run? 😀


        1. Sorry about the all caps interlude: that was directed more at the universe than at your comment (whenever there’s something I really want to see, I always fear I will be prevented!) I will definitely try to hear both JDD and DR next January – I think that would pretty much make my whole year right there.

          DiDonato does often sing soprano roles. I’m not sure about Vitellia – I have never come across a recording of her performing it, but it might be out there. I agree, that would be awesome if she and Antonacci switched off characters!


          1. no offense taken, i fully understand. you switch to all-caps, i switch to vietnamese (all swearing) when somebody/thing interferes with my mezzo’s schedule… but.. *#%$! Youth America… as last resort, recital is at night no? there might be hourly flight into NY? aim for 7am class time!


            1. I was just thinking about how to get creative with the schedule! I think I can manage things so that I make it to the concert and don’t miss class – and if the worst happens . . . it’s only the first day of class, and that’s basically just an intro lecture and handing out the syllabus, so if things go wrong it’s not the end of the world. The Youth of America will survive.

              If we’re both going to those concerts perhaps we should round up whoever else might be interested and all go for a beer beforehand?


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