When something can go wrong, it will . . .

So in the course of putting together a syllabus for my early America course for fall term, what I have I learned? That the first day of spring term is Wednesday, 23 January.

Do you know what else happens on Wednesday, 23 January next year? This.

But. It is not yet the time to panic. With luck, I can ask my department chair to give me a Tuesday-Thursday teaching schedule for that term. Which means there may be some loss of sleep but no missed recital. But if I do get a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule that term, things may get tricky. I mean, I can’t skip work to go to a concert. America’s Youth, who for some reason pay money to be taught history by people like me, need their education.

4 thoughts on “When something can go wrong, it will . . .

  1. But if you miss the first day of class, it gives the students more time to buy the books, work out how to read the syllabus on their own, and then rearrange their schedules anyway. Then think of all the time and effort you won’t have wasted waiting for them to get their s**t together.


  2. I’ve absolutely no problem with skipping work i.e. teaching to go to a concert/opera (especially considering the performer involved here!) – I figure it’s much better for my students to lose one class and later have a happy teacher than have the class — with a frustrated teacher who cannot go to a concert because of THEM!


    1. You and stray (in the above comment) have convinced me! It’s only one day of class, and the world will definitely not end if I go to a concert. And also, I would be kicking myself for months afterwards if I missed a DR recital.


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