Weekend 3-18-12

I have picked up a habit recently. When I’ve been considering what DVD to watch next, I’ve grown to rely partly on whim, partly on the recommendations of people who like the same things that I do and partly on Amazon reviewers. There is some overlap between the last two categories, of course. But only some.

I don’t mean ‘rely on Amazon reviewers’ in the sense of ‘believe everything they say.’ That would be foolish. But I have noticed that whenever there is a significant split in the positive and negative reviews – whenever about half of them are along the lines of “THIS IS BRILLIANT” and the other half are “EVERY TIME I THINK ABOUT THIS PRODUCTION MY SKIN FALLS OFF” — when this happens, there is a DVD that I should probably watch.

So, this afternoon it’ll be the Peter Sellars version of Handel’s Giulio Cesare.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 3-18-12

  1. Loved your comments on “Tito” and really enjoy your blog overall. I can’t wait to hear what you think about the Sellars “Giulio”.


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