Weekend 3-24-12

Well, I’ve got my hands on the Guth version of Handel’s Messiah, although part of me wants to lay off the Regie for a week or so. My impulse is to watch something that is visually restful.

In addition to the Handel, I also have this. Or rather I don’t exactly have it. The university library doesn’t own it, so they borrowed it from Emory. Yes, I am naming names here. Emory appears to worry that I will eat this DVD, or use it as a coaster, or turn it into abstract expressionist art or something, because the condition of the loan is that it not be removed from the library. So in order to see what I have begun to think of as Episode II of ‘Stuttgart opera productions from the late 1990s in which Catherine Naglestad is required to do weird things’ I may have to take my laptop to the library, and, well, basically commit video piracy, because I fully intend to copy the thing onto my hard drive and take it home with me to watch in peace.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 3-24-12

  1. I have just watched this Stuttgart Entfurung, so it would be interesting to hear what you think about it. But if you want to lay off the Regie, I don’t think this is the best.choice…


    1. Yeah, that occurred to me too. I think I might put it on my computer to watch later and turn to something a little more mellow. I have a bunch of DVDs of productions of various things from the Met in the 70s and 80s, which are pretty much guaranteed not to be Regie in any way – I’ll probably go with one of those.


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