Weekend 3-31-12

I sat in the library for an hour and a half on Monday evening, copying that Regie production of Entführung onto my computer. While waiting I amused myself by reading my students’ research paper drafts. Most of them were quite good. One was extremely good. And another contained a sentence about how General Washington, in search of “marital glory,” led inexperienced Continental troops into a deep ravine and got lost.

That one operates on several levels at once, doesn’t it? But never mind that right now. I have been watching Entführung this week, and I need to watch Handel’s Messiah this weekend or else the library is going to come after me.

Finally, I made a minor change to the address of this blog yesterday. This should make no difference to anything but my username on WordPress.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 3-31-12

    1. The rest of it has potential. But I think it’s one of those drafts where the student thinks he’s done all the thinking he needs to do and it’s going to be like pulling teeth to get him to do the rest of the work.


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