Weekend 4-7-12

I’m not sure whether I could call it an exciting week. I am swearing off Die Entführung aus dem Serail for a while, I can tell you that much.

I watched Handel’s Messiah this week, in and around other things. And I finally got my recording of Handel’s Radamisto (Il Complesso Barocco/Alan Curtis and the usual suspects, as far as Il Complesso Barocco recordings of Handel are concerned). We have been having an issue with mail delivery in my building recently. All the mailboxes are in one place – it’s one of those things where the mail carrier unlocks it and it hinges out from the wall so that all the mail can be dropped into the individual boxes. Except sometimes mail gets dropped into the individual boxes of people it is not addressed to. I have gotten my neighbors’ student loan bills, credit card statements, and in one case something from the IRS. This week, someone else got my Radamisto. And very nicely left it for me on my doormat.

And since animals as a topic came up a few times this past week, I have this from the research files:

“The otter you sent per Mr. Cutting was lost overboard, which Mr. Paine doth much bewail having intended it as a present to the king. If your worship could by any means purchase the like again in the country, it would be worth the adventuring once more, if possible it might be preserved to that purpose” (John Tinker to John Winthrop, from London, February 26 1639/40).

You gotta wonder how that happened. Tinker didn’t mention anything else lost overboard – just the otter.

4 thoughts on “Weekend 4-7-12

    1. Re: sailors – yep, that wouldn’t surprise me. I’ve been keeping my eye out as I read through the Winthrop papers to see whether there is any mention ever of a replacement otter, but I haven’t come across any reference to it.


    1. If they were quick about it. I figure they’d have until the outbreak of the war, after which no one in NE would probably be wanting to send Charles presents – and Charles would have a lot more than otters on his mind.


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