Weekend 4-15-12

I went to the McKay’s books in Nashville yesterday. Their selection of used CDs includes a fair amount of classical and opera, although the quality tends to vary. There are piles of those ‘Mozart for your brain’ or ‘Mozart for your fetus’ CDs and piles of grubby and obscure recordings of the Brandenburg Concertos and Handel’s Water Music – but occasionally one hits the jackpot. I got this and this for a total of $8.

Then there is this recording of La Clemenza di Tito which I’d never come across before. What sold me was Janet Baker as Vitellia. My first thought was “how can this possibly go wrong!” My second thought was, well, with opera you never can tell how it might go wrong. That is part of the appeal, in some ways. But I suspect this recording will be worth it.

4 thoughts on “Weekend 4-15-12

  1. That Clemenza looks really interesting and I enjoyed reading the Amazon customer reviews. Look forward to hearing your opinion!


    1. I’ve listened to Act I through the first scene with Tito (had to stop b/c weekend guests do not like opera as much as I do) and I’m really liking it so far – the style is very old school (it was recorded in 1977) but the quality of the performances is high.


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