Weekend 4-21-12

I am on my way to Houston today for Maria Stuarda (Joyce DiDonato!). I felt like a little bit of a doofus when planning this trip – I didn’t check until yesterday to see whether Houston has a public transit system. Of course they do. And I can get from the airport to the center of town very easily on it. I have had enough experiences in certain types of American cities with wanting there to be a bus and there is not a bus that when there is a bus (or a train!) it’s like — well, I actually can’t think of a good comparison, so what it is basically like is ‘something that I thought would cost $40 is going to cost more like $3!’ (There is also an environmental argument to make for the bus, but as someone who will have just flown from Nashville to Houston to see an opera, I do not think I am necessarily in the best position to make that argument.)

Also, I finally spent five minutes on the internet and equipped myself with some software that makes recording internet radio broadcasts (this one for example) basically idiot-proof. I’m not going to tape any performances that are available on real recordings, obviously, but sometimes bootlegs are the only option.

I feel like admitting an intention to pirate Lieder recitals ought to make me feel sort of pathetic, but I don’t.

7 thoughts on “Weekend 4-21-12

  1. I tend to think the Grateful Dead model of audience development is the one that works best for opera.

    Have a great time in Houston!


    1. I am completely willing to aspire to being an opera deadhead (an operahead?) When I was twenty I had the time but not the ear or the money to go following opera singers around the world; now I have the money and the ear but not the time . . . but at least I can make and share tapes/bootlegs.


  2. I have spent quite some time on the SWR web page: I found some interesting stuff to download etc. But I didn’t find any place indication that the live concert you refer to would either be streamed live or downloadable afterwards. Could you, please, point me in to the right direction?


    1. Did you click on the link on the left side of the webpage (the little picture of the woman wearing headphones) to listen to what they’re currently broadcasting? It worked for me – I think you just have to tune in at the time on the concert, and it should be playing.


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