Weekend 4-29-12

We had a British history seminar on Friday for which my friend R came up from Alabama. Last night we went to hear some music – but not opera. There is a place downtown that has live bluegrass, so we went to hear that. I don’t mind bluegrass — I like the traditional bluegrass violin, banjo and guitar — although I tend to find it a little repetitive after a while, particularly when it shades into more commercial or modern-sounding country music. And the bar itself is fun. It looks like a total dive and it is definitely outside the university bubble as far as clientele is concerned.  The band last night was all right but not great. One of their singers had a way of getting just a little too close to the mike and he didn’t have quite the control over his voice that he needed to do some of the things he was attempting, so it was on the edge of painful now and then.

And I just found a video! This is the Sunday evening bluegrass jam. On Sundays there is no scheduled band at this particular bar, and people just come with their instruments to play. I have gone a few times (never as a participant, of course – my fiddling days are long past) and it looks and sounds basically like this, although often more crowded: