Half of a Lieder recital and a plea for assistance

[Update, 5/5/12 – the whole recital, with texts for all the songs, is here.]

So, I just finished listening to Röschmann and Drake’s recital – lovely as expected. Here is the second half:


A technical problem (damn you Comcast!) caused me to miss the first three Schumann songs of the first half, and as a result my recording of that is a bit truncated. So, if anyone happened to, you know, record it, or knows where a recording of it might be found, or where one might hear the live stream over again, well – help a lady out, eh? You will have my heartfelt thanks.

10 thoughts on “Half of a Lieder recital and a plea for assistance

      1. I found this recital absolutely splendid; I was afraid that after hearing DR live in a concert hall the radio might not do the justice to her wonderful voice and technique but it was fantastic – a nuanced, precise and vocally rich performance


        1. Absolutely. Most of the songs were not ones that I knew well, but with her it doesn’t matter – even when I don’t understand all of the text, the emotion comes through. And just the sheer sound of her voice – no one else sounds like that.


  1. I actually happened to record it twice on two different softwares, so if it is not uploaded into SWR2 site you can get it from me. I have not checked the files yet, though, so I an not sure about the quality…


  2. First of all I want to seize the opportunity to thank you for sharing your thoughts about and the audios of Dorothea Röschmann with us. I always enjoy reading it very much.
    Here you can find the complete recital:
    Is it unfair to admit that I was there in Schwetzingen? It was extremly impressing to hear and see her live. But – as a sort of consolation – I must say, that the quality of the radio recording is better than what I could hear in the second last tier because of the reverberation of the room.


    1. Thank you for the link – I was happy to learn SWR2 had put it up.

      Not unfair at all to admit to being able to attend the concert – that must have been wonderful, to hear her live!


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