Weekend 5-5-12

Argh. On the bright side – SWR2 put up the audio for that recital! On the other hand, I had a student send me four emails about his grade. He wants a B+ and I gave him a B. I told him if he wants to talk further about it he needs to either come and see me or call me at my office. I’m counting on fear of telephones (students never call – or maybe this is just US students? no idea) to make this go away.

Still soldiering on with that Met boxed set. I think next it’s going to be Puccini’s Il Trittico (Il Tabarro, Suor Angelica and Gianni Schicchi). More Vasile Moldoveanu! Are you excited? I know I am!

2 thoughts on “Weekend 5-5-12

    1. Thank you for linking me to this. That interview with Levine (April 20 ’87) is really startling – Levine sounds pretty grim about “the problem is the singers” and how the Met doesn’t have and finds it difficult to get the voices to do some of the big late-Romantic stuff that a house like that is expected to do – and that final quote about “this is a terrible period for opera.” Certainly gives me a lot more perspective on the reasons behind those big massive (as they say “stupefying”) productions they so often produced in the 80s. And some of the problems the article outlines in 1987 haven’t been entirely resolved now.


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