Read the bit right before the part about Mourdock and the morel mushroom.

Then again, Google thinks I’m a dude over 65. (See here about how Google figures out what ads to show you.) Maybe I need to balance all the opera searches out with more celebrity gossip? Or shoes? Don’t get me wrong, I love shoes. Shoes are great. I have a lot of them. BUT OPERA IS BETTER.

(Back to work now. I am trying to find readings about Reconstruction to assign to undergraduates. Can you honestly blame me for wanting to put that off?)

3 thoughts on “Oy.

    1. Weird. I mean, I know that opera skews toward an older audience, so I get that part of the assumption – but I didn’t think they figured it was all guys. Google works in mysterious ways. Maybe if I want to get tagged as a girl I should start compulsively googling Erwin Schrott.

      Or not.


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