Weekend 5-12-12

I’m swearing off that box set for a few weeks. SO MUCH MET. TOO MUCH MET. After a while it all starts looking and/or sounding the same.

So I have a DVD of La Finta Giardiniera from Zurich (Eva Mei in the title role) – it strikes me that about 60% of what I have been listening to lately has been conducted by Nikolaus Harnoncourt. Why is that?

The other option is the Sellars version of Don Giovanni. As ever, Amazon reviewers are the best. One person harrumphed that there was too much “leveling” in this production. (What is this, 1647?) But another person concluded that the whole thing was “fierce” so I have high hopes. With one or two exceptions, I have not had nearly enough ferocity in my opera lately. Also, it’s got both Lorraine Hunt and Dominique Labelle in it, which can’t hurt.

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