Weekend 5-19-12

I am in Oxford, Mississippi at the moment (long story) and my internet connection is – well, adequate but not robust, but I am still hoping to catch the Bellini on offer here tomorrow afternoon.

I drove through Memphis yesterday and one of the unusual things that appeared on the iPhone map as I was trying to get from one road onto another road was the Huguenot Improvement Center. I’d never really stopped to wonder how you might improve Huguenots, but these people at the very least have caused me to ask myself the question.

What it brought to mind was a group of sixteenth-century French Calvinists sitting in a circle in a church basement, AA-style, with little styrofoam cups of coffee:

Huguenot 1: I guess I just keep thinking, you know, if I’d been — if I’d been better somehow, that colony in La Florida in 1565 would have stuck, you know what I’m saying?

Huguenot 2: [reaches over to pat his shoulder] Let it out, Pierre. Let it out.

2 thoughts on “Weekend 5-19-12

  1. I wonder if there’s any significance in the fact that the once predominantly Huguenot areas of France are now the ones where rugby is most popular. One of the kids I used to coach was the son of a star chef from La Rochelle.


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