Weekend 5-20-12

I was defeated yesterday by a poor internet connection – no Bellini, or more to the point, no Kasarova or Netrebko for me! So I consoled myself for the loss by listening to an hour and a half of German art songs. The bits of I Capuleti e i Montecchi that I managed to hear before all the pauses and jumps in the stream made me give up were pretty nice though. I may have to seek that one out in a non-streaming form.

9 thoughts on “Weekend 5-20-12

  1. Yhere was a veritable surfeit of opera here yesterday. Bedifes the various internet streams the CBC English service was broadcasting Vancouver Opera’s Romeo et Juliette (in French) and CBC French was broadcasting the COC’s Nixon in China in English. To further complicate matters two singers I know quite well and had seen the night before at the Four Seasons Centre were involved. Simone Osbourne was singing Juliette and Rihab Chaieb was singing the Third Secretary.


    1. Surfeits of opera are a good problem to have, no question.

      I’m seriously considering setting up a little calendar specifically for music (right now I have kind of a list most of the time), so I don’t miss things – it feels like there’s more and more broadcasts of good stuff all the time.


    2. It was Tito, Don Carlo and Mahagonny over here, of which only the Mahagonny stream appears to have survived intact. Beautiful spring day? Ha! Operacast is the source of my green mossy complexion.


  2. Hey Charlotte. Search Youtube for Kasarova or Netrebko and sort by upload date will net you 4 clips so far (3 in HD) from yesterday’s broadcast. 😀


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