I just checked the weather for Moscow, which is where I am going to be for the next few days provided that nothing weird happens. Chillier than I’m used to for May, as you would of course expect – only about 70F/20C! (But my sense of temperature has been corrupted by too many years south of the Mason-Dixon line. Anything under about 60F and I start griping about the cold. Fortunately, once upon a time humans invented jackets – those things are amazing, aren’t they?)

And my packing has been complicated slightly by a half-bottle of Anchor Steam that was accidentally tipped over onto my computer keyboard the other night. Since the Apple store would need several days to repair it, I’m taking not just my computer (which works fine other than the keyboard) but also a separate keyboard. You’d be surprised how much one single excess computer keyboard can mess with a person’s backpack space allocation strategy.

If the trip did not include a longish list of opera and ballet performances – we’re headed to St. Petersburg too – this would not be an issue, since I wouldn’t have to bring nice shoes or a dress, which would help with the space allocation problem, but this is not something I am prepared to complain about too much.

So, with luck I will have some live music to write about! (Until I get there, I am going to stay focused on opera, ballet and spending time with my grad school friend S, who is going with me. I don’t know about you, but every time I travel any long distance the day or two before I leave I begin to dread the whole enterprise, and it’s the last thing I want to do, and it seems as if it was a terrible idea and what on earth was I thinking – and then I go, and it’s always fun and worth it and all that.)

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  1. Welcome to these parts of the world! You would need your jacket – at least in St Petersburg, where temperatures are likely to stay well below 20C next weekend. The production of Boris Godunov in the White Nights festival has been noted in the press but mainly because of the very current political content…


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