Weekend 6-17-12

Funny some of the things that turn up when you get back from a vacation. In addition to a large spider in my bathtub I found a DVD of Beethoven’s Fidelio (not in the bathtub) that I checked out of the university library a while back and forgot about. I think it’s kind of overdue at this point but I figure I should watch it before I take it back – so this is the plan.

Also, I discovered that the library at my new university owns the Glyndebourne production of Rodelinda (the one with Antonacci as Rodelinda) so I will happily get a chance to see that in the near future. My current university’s library owns the Roeschmann/Chance/Bayerische Staatsoper one instead. I’m sort of curious as to how these library acquisition decisions get made, but that’s probably another question for another day.

3 thoughts on “Weekend 6-17-12

  1. The Toronto Public Library collection is especially interesting as much of iy predates the creation of the “megacity” and shows a distinct North York vs Toronto split. Current acquisition decisions mostly seem to be “no”.


    1. I don’t know enough about Toronto – what characterizes the North York -Toronto split?

      I’m half tempted before I leave to see if I can talk to the music librarian here – just to see if they’ll tell me how they make the decisions. I hope it’s not just ‘we buy whatever gets reviewed well in Fanfare” or something.


      1. Historically Toronto seems to have bought large numbers of copies of relatively few operas usually traditional productions with big names, and scattered them around the branches. North York seems to have more or less centralized opera at its main location and had a wider selection but only one or two copies of each title. Nowadays tDVD acquisitions seem focussed almost exclusively on popular movies. If they buy two opera DVDs in a year I’d be surprised.


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