Weekend 7-1-12

Still working on the internet situation. I knew that in theory it’s difficult to get good internet in very rural parts of the country – you see advertisements around here for satellite internet that turn on the potential customer being dissatisfied with dial-up – but I had not anticipated that living ten miles outside of town would make such a difference. So, the connection between my house and the internet is still a work in progress. When I called Comcast to ask whether they could transfer my service to my new address they re-read the address back to me and explained that no, they didn’t serve that particular road in a tone that implied I was a complete nitwit for even asking the question. Well, how would I have known unless I asked, right? Jeez.

Other fun things! I guess local color? I was waiting at the electric service office to get my power turned on and the lady who helped me was having a conversation on the phone when I came into her office and I heard about how the fence really needed to get fixed so they could put the cows in this other specific place and the cows would have shade. This went on for about five minutes before she helped me. I didn’t mind – I was in no real hurry and I am certainly not against shady places for cows. It’s odd when I speak to people who have grown up around here. I sound (to myself) very rushed and clipped. And I cannot count the number of times someone has told me to “have a blessed day” – not a “nice day” but “a blessed day.”

Then there was the water heater. My landlord replaced the water heater, and the old one was out on the driveway by the road for trash pickup when a guy came by and asked if he could have it. It’s a very old, beat-up, non-functional water heater. I said fine with me, and he took it. I guess he’s going to sell it for scrap. But this happened fast. (And technically, he didn’t even have to ask, since it was out with the trash.)

My landlord also explained to me some of the weirder clauses in my lease, such as “no tinfoil in the windows” and “no non-functional vehicles in the yard” and “no weight equipment on the porch.” He owns the next-door property too, and he wants the guys who live there not to renew their lease, and these clauses are what the landlord calls “anti-redneck clauses”. I had never even heard of the tinfoil in the windows thing. Isn’t that what people do when they are running a meth lab? I really hope my neighbors are not cooking meth. But I met one of them, who yes has a big truck and lots of tattoos, but he also has a friendly dog that just trots up to you with a tennis ball in its mouth wanting to play, so my impression as yet is favorable. There are also cats, who might belong to the neighbors and might not, since they have no collars, but they keep darting into my house whenever the door is open and nuzzling any human who happens to be around (they are not much more than kittens) and purring. I am not adopting cats. I am not adopting cats.

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    1. Yep, tenure track at the big flagship state university – it’s a pretty good job, but the university is in a small town and there is definitely a university bubble. Outside of town things get pretty rural pretty fast.


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