4 July

I figured that since I am writing this on the fourth of July I might as well include two great American institutions:

1) Beverly Sills and 2) country-western music:

Although I admit I am not feeling particularly patriotic today, even though I had a quintessentially American experience yesterday afternoon. I got an email from one of the admin assistants at my job that’s just ending which was along the lines of “you know how I told you your contract ran through 31 August? Well, I was wrong – it ends 1 July. I’ve deleted you from the system! Retroactively!” And you know what else ends with that contract? My health insurance. I feel a bit like Eboli when she goes to the garden at midnight and realizes that Carlos has come there for Elizabeth and not her: wicked pissed and possessed with a desire to plant explosives.

So. I am going to work very hard at not hurting myself for the next two months, until my new job’s insurance begins. Fortunately I am healthy and don’t take any prescription medications or anything that requires doctor visits in the immediate future. And it’s only about seven weeks til the new insurance begins. But one can still break a leg or get hit by a careless driver or something.

Anyone know any good music that encourages caution and self-preservation?

4 thoughts on “4 July

  1. oof! no health insurance! surely one can think of an appropriate piece of music for that! i encountered this situation twice. 1st time i purchased this thing called “calculated risk” health insurance for 3 months. There might be something similar in your state? it was relatively cheap and luckily nothing happened to me, but i didn’t dare to go w/o health ins with thoughts of some damn hospitals holding me hostage with debt for the rest of my life… 2nd time it was only for *1* day and i didn’t dare go play football and had my brother come delivering food at the door :-). totally crazy to think about health insurance in this country… but 2 months are indeed long, not to make you feel nervous or anything :-).
    ps- couldn’t your spouse cover you?


    1. We’re working on the spousal coverage thing. The holiday made it hard to contact anyone – but after some internet research and a trip to a byzantine hr website it looks like I can be covered. I hope it works – you are absolutely right that being w/o insurance is a scary thing and the medical debt in case of an accident is terrifying. (I’m researching alternatives just in case.)


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