Friday question

I have been doing much more driving since moving here, and one thing I have noticed is that some kinds of music are more road appropriate than others. For example, I can listen to Rossini in the car, no problem. But Handel is a no. There’s a distraction threshold there that I’m not quite willing to cross unless it’s something so familiar that I can choose to not really hear it. So I guess on my next epic road trip the long playlist of bootleg Roeschmann recitals is out, unless I want to have a really interesting conversation with the cops when I get distracted by Lieder and run a stop sign or something. “I’m sorry, officer, but you see there’s this moment right after the repeat where she does this thing with the phrasing . . .”

(Just for the record, I am actually a very safe driver. No accidents, and not even a speeding ticket since I was 16!)

Anyone have any favorite or least favorite road music?

9 thoughts on “Friday question

  1. Most of my driving is done on Saturdays so I usually end up listening to part of ‘Saturday Afternoon at the Opera’ on CBC. I listen more while riding my bike. The latest project was the complete Solti Ring, completed a few days ago.


    1. The complete Solti ring must have taken you quite a few miles!

      I wish I could bike more around here, but the 10 miles to work is past my time/sweatiness threshold, esp. in 100 degree heat. Maybe when it starts cooling down, like in November or something . . .


        1. That sounds really fun, heat or no. I used to bike a lot more back in grad school, but it was mainly just commuting to campus – and I’m a little out of practice now! (Running is my exercise of choice these days.)


          1. I used to be a serious runner but chronic ankle problems restrict how much I can do. Basically I choose to save the ankles for when I’m refereeing and use the bike for fitness work.


  2. West Thirdflooria to Boston is pretty much exactly Semele – length. 2am on the Thruway north after the Met is a good time for Nabucco.


    1. I think I’m going to have to figure out something that’s about 1:20 for driving to Memphis (it tells you much about this location that the nearest large city is . . . in another state). Or maybe 2:40 – there and back.


        1. You’re telling me! This is an area that specializes in ‘nowhere.’ It’s very pretty, and there are about five state parks quite close, and the university town itself is very nice, but – well, it’s going to be an adjustment.


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