Weekend 7-7-12

At last the internet functions at my house! And it only took a week. (Although to be fair, I was away for four days helping a friend move, so the tech people couldn’t come during the earlier part of the week.) My next task is to set up my wireless router so that the internet works in rooms that have furniture in them, unlike this one, but, hey – one thing at a time, right? Right.

I started the weekend early yesterday by listening to the BBC broadcast of Joyce DiDonato’s Wigmore Hall recital. (Available here for a few more days.) I wanted to hear the recital, of course, but I also wanted to test out the aforementioned internet connection – I was a bit skeptical that it was up to streaming anything, but it has proved me wrong.

I recorded the music to hear again later because I don’t think I’ve gotten a normal night of sleep in about four days and I am too freaking old to function properly intellectually without rest, but one thing I did notice about that concert was the amount of talk in it – JDD is the gregarious type, and we got not only introductions from her for all the sets, but sometimes little remarks in between the songs. It was done with plenty of good humor and all, but there were moments when impatient me was thinking “I think you’re great, Joyce, but less talk and more singing please!”

And speaking of talk. The saga of my second head apparently bizarre and unprecedented regional accent continues. The last time I was here, for the job interview, I had two separate people tell me that I had no accent, or that I’d lost my accident. (It’s true, I mislaid it once at a club in Jersey City about ten years ago, and let me tell you it was HELL getting that thing back, especially at four in the morning. You know how you can get LoJack for your car, so that an alarm goes off and the cops can track it if it gets stolen? I’m thinking of getting an AccentJack for my accent – just in case, you know.) This time, I was asked repeatedly where I was from. I replied the Pacific Northwest – specifically, Washington State. Really? You grew up there? Yes, really. Well you definitely have (this was what the other party said) “something going on there.” My god, WHAT DO I SOUND LIKE TO THESE PEOPLE?

So as to avoid causing any more disturbances, my plan is to hole up quietly and watch another DVD of Die Entführung aus dem Serail with Malin Hartelius as Konstanze. I also have a Vivica Genaux recital CD and a copy of Handel’s Messiah with Röschmann in it that I got a hold of right before I left Nashville and haven’t even gotten a chance to listen to yet.

I’m going to go collapse now before I start writing imaginary advice columns again.