Weekend 7-8-12

The quiet here is creeping me out. Before, I had neighbors down below having inane conversations at 1 or 2 am on weekends and traffic going by on the street and drunk undergraduates occasionally backing their SUVs into the recycling bins in the alley and all that kind of thing and here it’s just crickets. And probably frogs and other things that go cheep or peep or squuck at night. It’s a little unnerving. Good for listening to music, I guess, but still unnerving. I’m not afraid, because there are no big animals around here other than deer and even if there were bears, bears don’t tend to break into houses – and in terms of people, there’s just my neighbors and their dog and their weight equipment next door, and the guy across the road with the riding lawnmower, and the cats. (I went out to put my new plates on my car yesterday morning and found the two cats grooming themselves in the shady patch under my car. They waited until I had two screws out of four all tightened and then suddenly I hear brrrrrr and feel whiskers on my leg and I am forced, forced I tell you, to interrupt the attachment of the license plate in order to pet the cats. And then they both tried to follow me into the house.)

But all the same, all this quiet wigs me out a little. It’s like the time my grandfather took me camping at Yellowstone Lake and I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid of the moose. (Not bears. Moose. I was a weird kid. I think it was something about the antlers.)

3 thoughts on “Weekend 7-8-12

  1. The one thing I miss about living in the city is quiet. It’s never quiet here. Never! I’d really like to spend more time in deep country but from Toronto that really requires a several hour drive and a partner who’s more at home in a canoe than the lemur. Bears don’t worry me at all and I’ve often been quite close to moose. I think the record was seven spotted in one day but the utest was the mother and calf we spotted a couple of years ago. http://www.flickr.com/photos/chickenfeet1/4055617998/in/set-72157622687850978


    1. Very nice! (the video). I have never been hiking or camping in eastern Canada but I just looked up Algonquin Provincial Park and it looks beautiful (and really big!)

      The closest I ever got to a moose was again at Yellowstone years later (my grandparents lived in Wyoming) when we were eating breakfast outside and one came right up to the railing of the porch to snack on the plants there. I’m still kind of leery of bears, though.


      1. Algonquin can be amazing but the southwest of the park gets horribly busy in summer. The north and the centre are often quite quiet. We once did a five day ‘forced march’ canoe trip through the very centre of the park. It was something like 125km of paddling and 25km of portages in five days. Took us into some awesome and very empty territory though.


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