Weekend 7-21-12

I feel as if I’ve learned a lot this week. One, I determined that my lawnmower was defective. I could not start it. My neighbor Kyle could not start it. Neither could his roommate. And so I took it back. (I hated that %^*@! lawnmower. The way it would just sit there, squinting up at me, silent and not mowing.) In the course of doing this I also learned that lawnmowers do not go gently into the trunks of Honda Civics.

I also realized that the ancient Met production of Le Nozze di Figaro that I had on the list for this weekend was designed by . . . Jean-Pierre Ponnelle! There has been a little bit of a Ponnelle party going on lately and I figured that if some is good more must be better how could this possibly go wrong I would be part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

4 thoughts on “Weekend 7-21-12

  1. I have the Ponnelle films of Madama Butterfly and Figaro staring at me on the coffee table. My son has been visiting this week so that’s been an excuse not to watch them but he flew home yesterday.


    1. So the Ponnelle deathmarch/party may be about to continue onward for another week or two! I’ll have to find some more of the films and we can compare notes.


  2. Hey, I was just listening to the radio b’cast of that yesterday, not because of the Ponnelle theme but because it was the first thing at random off the shelf. Clearly mysterious Ponnelle forces are at work.

    And, wait, does 1985 count as ancient? If so, I am behind with building my ziggurat.


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