Because why not, right?

There’s something in me that always wants to put an exclamation mark after the title of I Puritani. Sort of like Oklahoma! (You know, “Stuart England! Where the plague comes sweepin’ down the plain! And the London street – it sure smells sweet, when the wind comes right behind the rain . . .”)

Why isn’t there a Rodgers and Hammerstein musical about Puritans?

3 thoughts on “Puritans!

    1. That’s the one with Netrebko as Elvira, isn’t it? I think I’ve seen bits of that on YT (like the section above – which she takes noticeably slower than Sutherland!) but I haven’t watched the whole thing either. I find it really hard to get into this opera. It’s hard to take seriously, and I don’t love any of the music enough to make me try to.


      1. I feel the same way. The politics are ridiculous even by bel canto standards. For someone with a reasonably good knowledge of 17th century history it’s hard to take.


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