Apparently the O.K. Corral is just up the block

I found these in my driveway this afternoon. I don’t normally step on handgun shell-casings while getting out of my car, so I am going to assume that these are just some sort of bizarre anomaly and that no guns have actually been fired recently in the vicinity of my house. Then again, I’ve never actually been near any gunfire, so other than “bang!” I’m not really sure what to listen for. Maybe it sounds like it does on TV?

I tried and failed to watch some of the Olympics yesterday. Apparently if you are in the US, NBC basically owns all broadcast rights, and even to watch events on their website, you have to demonstrate (how I’m not sure) that you have a subscription to a cable company that is affiliated with them. Since I don’t have cable, I was basically SOL. If I was clever enough to set up a proxy server to trick the internet into thinking that I was in, say, Gdansk or Barcelona or something, it seems I could have watched them online via a European station, but I am not clever enough to set up a proxy server. Or rather I’m fairly sure that I am clever enough, but I am not motivated enough to set up a proxy server. What I am is kind of pissed at NBC for being evil, but I’ll get over it.

So I watched the Glyndebourne Rodelinda instead.

9 thoughts on “Apparently the O.K. Corral is just up the block

  1. Rodelinda was a *much* better option! – perhaps someone in your locality was taking a potshot at NBC.


    1. I think it was a better option! And as far as guns go, as a friend pointed out to me last night, “if you were in New Jersey and found shell casings in your yard, that would be a sign to call the cops. But where you live, it’s probably nothing.” Which is probably true.


  2. I had the same thing happen, but I was trying to use their free olympic app. on my phone which does not actually do jack shit if you don’t already have a cable provider.


    1. I know – it’s annoying. It would be one thing if NBC had some sort of pay five bucks, watch X hours of olympics option – but they don’t even give you that.

      Also: Hi! long time no see 🙂


        1. Yeah – I see short little snippets of them on TV at the gym, but that’s about it. I have this plan to set up a proxy server so that I can watch them via the UK but I haven’t done it yet. Laziness may win in the end.

          Things are pretty good. Fall term starts in about two weeks, and I have no idea what the students here are going to be like – there’s the usual concern about how much knowledge to assume, etc. But all of my new colleagues that I’ve met have been really pleasant, which is a plus.

          How’s the legal world?


  3. i was just talking to my sister last night on this: exact subject , will report if it works, haven’t tried. it turned out i _do_ have cables (the whole complex is paying comcast apparently) but it’s still not doing anything coz nbc softwares sucks and i still can’t get past the (*&$#$@# cable-verification stage with a mac… This is simply sad, 4 yrs ago they allow you to watch for _free_ (imagine) online and i was having so much fun with badminton and table tennis…


      1. I will have to try this Tor option – will report back later. NBC seems to be dropping the ball repeatedly with all this: that’s really annoying that even though you DO have cable, their software won’t work!

        And yeah, shell casings . . .I’ve determined that this is something I’m just going to ignore and hope it’s nothing. This isn’t at all a dangerous area in the normal run of things.


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