Strauss / Im Abendrot

A great event has occurred. My neighbor, Kyle the Alleged Redneck, and his roommate have both moved on to cheaper pastures. In Kyle’s honor, I listened to Strauss’s Four Last Songs.

Well, not really. I noticed when I got home that the truck and the cats were gone and that there was a great big pile of miscellaneous shit – bits of a weight bench, two mattresses, a child’s car seat – out by the side of the road for the county to pick up with the trash next week, and then I thought “huh” and went inside and listened to Strauss for reasons completely unconnected with Kyle.

I love the capacity Strauss’s music has to just sort of pause and hang there suspended in the air – or feel like it is – while at the same time developing forward. I would really like to hear these songs performed live at some point, but live Strauss is not something we get a lot of around here. I’ve listened to this CD only a few times as yet (it’s Röschmann and the Rotterdam Philharmonic under Yannick Nezet-Seguin – I wouldn’t say it’s my favorite recording of her singing, but it has its moments all the same) and for no particular reason I began with the last of the four, Im Abendrot. I really like the orchestral introduction to this one.

Also, on the cover of this CD, Mr. Nezet-Seguin looks like he’s telling a truly fantastic fishing story.

4 thoughts on “Strauss / Im Abendrot

  1. (More fun with comments. I just posted (I thought) a comment here and it disappeared! Hey wait, are you deleting my comments now? Hmmpf!)

    O.M.G. This is unspeakably beautiful. Thank you for sharing this. (I see I can download just the four songs from Amazon. that is now first on my to-do list tonight.)

    With this track and Miah Persson’s “Lungi da te” from Mitridate, my mind and soul are in a much better place than they were an hour ago!

    Thanks again!


    1. Never fear about comment deletion – I’ve never deleted a comment from this blog. I’ve never had anyone post an obnoxious comment, either, which is really nice.

      I suspect that this recording has seen a lot of people downloading only the last four tracks! They’re the best part of it, as far as I’m concerned.


      1. Got ’em! Listening to September (sigh); I wonder if we might expect a Capriccio Countess or a Marschalin from her some day?
        BTW when searching for these tracks, I came across a Brahms Requiem, and I thought “I have that disc, is that really Her!?” and it is. I will be posting her “Ihr habt nun traurigkeit” tomorrow.


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