Weekend 8-5-12

The mosquitos have stepped up their game this week. I am thinking about bathing myself in DEET. I am also thinking about having my landlord replace the bug screens on the windows.

I’ve got a DVD of Handel’s Serse in front of me. This is one of those operas that I had never really given much thought to at all, so it had never occurred to me that ‘Serse’ was Italian for Xerxes. Once I figured this out I was like Xerxes! Yes! He’s in Herodotus. There was a thing with a bridge, right? And then Xerxes got a little freaky with the Hellespont?

11 thoughts on “Weekend 8-5-12

          1. I saw her as Cleopatra just as she was starting out. Wearing chains and little else at one point. There is a CD of her singing arias from various JC/Cleo operas which is worth a look.


              1. The CD is on the CBC label so no idea how easy to find outside Canada.
                There have always been the occasional good production in TO. The GC was around 2003 I think. With the opening of the new house though it’s just great. More performances than Chicago and as innovative as say SFO. Top names, especially directors. Next season 6/7 prods are directed by either Peter Sellars, Atom Egoyan, Robert Carsens or one of the Aldens. Plus all the neat stuff from smaller companies.


                1. Amazon’s got the CD, although it’s a special order of some kind.

                  You’re making Toronto sound like a very attractive place – even to someone like me who no longer owns a winter coat and is leery of driving in snow!


                2. I love Toronto. I have lived in many places and spent lengthy periods in many more including London, Ottawa, Montreal, NYC, San Francisco, Chicago and Melbourne but I think I will likely stay in Toronto. Plus Tuesday I get to be a panelist on the first of a new series of COC podcasts. How cool is that?


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