Weekend 8-18-12

Finally, a day where I don’t have to set an alarm in the morning. My colleagues who are also new and I discussed the matter, and the collective determination was that yesterday’s new faculty orientation that began at 7.30 am was Not Cool. I mean, I appreciate finishing up at 2.45, but the fact that we started so early meant that I simply spent the rest of the afternoon in my office attempting not to fall asleep. And then we had another reception! This one was better, though, since it was just the history department and I knew all the people and we were all historians and could talk about actual things.

Anyway. Enough about that.  My plan for today is the Otello I didn’t get to earlier in the week. The Metropolitan Opera Box Set of Death will be hurt, perhaps, that I still haven’t finished it but the MOBSOD will deal. (If I don’t post tomorrow, it’s probably because the MOBSOD has not dealt and decided to kill me in my sleep or something.)

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