They’re doing Figaro in LA in May, with Röschmann as the countess, and since I was going to be in the neighborhood anyhow, I fully intended to buy tickets. In fact, I intended to buy tickets today, the day that individual tickets (rather than season subscriptions) went on sale. But what do you know – the damn season subscribers bought all the tickets, for all five performances! AAAAGGGGHH. I’m disappointed. I’ve never had trouble getting opera tickets before, even for big names at the Met or elsewhere. But the lady I talked to on the phone said that people often cancel later on, so I should call back early next May to see if anything has turned up. So. Not the end of the world. Besides, I have tickets to hear Röschmann in December when I go to Berlin, and I just bought my ticket to hear her in recital in New York in January. So I think I’ll get my fix.

But seriously. GOD DAMMIT.

[Addendum: it appears that La Röschmann will grace the stage of Avery Fisher Hall in New  York the week of March 15 which is . . .  the week my university has spring break, and since I always spend spring break near New York with the other half – bonus! I guess you lose some, and then you win some.]

8 thoughts on “Denied!

  1. i’m puzzled by it actually, given that it’s LA and there are _always_ empty seats. I had this issue once with a different setting in LA where there were no tix available until morning of the performance, then suddenly whole 1/2 of hall is up for sale, and 1/2 of hall was empty at the concert, very annoying. If you’re going to be in LA anyway, i think you can just show up at the box office on the day of performance and buy tix.


  2. Presumably they have “day of” tickets. At COC the back of Ring 5, standing room and any unsold tickets go on sale cheap at 11am on the day. I think my ticket the second time I saw L’Amour de Loin cost me $13.


    1. I imagine Walt Disney Hall (agh, that name – why??) does something similar. Although I really wanted to get the good seats for this . . . .ah, well. Even standing room would do in this case.


      1. I always expect to see that Mickey Mouse has been appointed music director of the LA Phil then I see who actually has the job and I wonder whether Maestro Mouse might not be a more serious candidate.

        Seriously though is LA a real city? I’ve been there many times and never seen anything that really looked like anything I’d call a city.


      2. oh? it’s at disney hall and not dorothea chandler pavilion where la opera takes place ? i don’t like disney hall that much, but even 3rd balcony (or might have been 4th…) in dorothea has very good sound. i hope placido is not slated to conduct for the performance? coz if he is, you might not hear DR!


        1. I checked again just now – it’s an LA Philharmonic thing rather than a Los Angeles opera thing, so I think that’s why it’s in Disney Hall. (Info here.) The conductor is Gustavo Dudamel. Does placido tend to go for loud and noisy? I’ve never heard him conduct


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