Weekend 8-19-12

Halfway through Otello. And I am still making my way, slowly but happily, through a great big pile of Bach cantata recordings I got dirt cheap a while back. (Various soloists – including Andreas Scholl! – with the Collegium Vocale/La Chapelle Royal under Philip Herreweghe.) It has also emerged that one of my new colleagues has a husband who works for a large-ish opera company in a nearby city. She (the colleague) said she’d see if she could get me some free tickets. Nice!

Also, it’s come to my attention that there was at least one comment this week that WordPress mischaracterized as spam, so I didn’t see it. If you write a comment and this seems to have happened, let me know. I know that occasionally there are issues with comments that have several links, or comments that somehow manage to trigger WP’s filters for reasons no one knows. I don’t moderate or delete comments, but sometimes things go wrong.

3 thoughts on “Weekend 8-19-12

  1. The comment you mention, that might have been me: I wanted to send you the link to my new blog, since it was partly inspired by yours. And I said thanks for your posts, I enjoy them enormously.


    1. I think that was you. I was going through the comment spam folder deleting things and I saw yours and thought wait, I’ve seen that name before, and the link goes to a post on Cosi fan tutte – probably not spam! (I did get a chance to read the post – thank you for sending the link.)


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