Thursday quiet

I made the mistake of not unpacking all my books. Or rather, I unpacked them, and put them on the shelves in my office, but not in any order. Have you ever tried to write a lecture about something you haven’t really thought about in seven or eight years when you don’t know where any of the relevant books are? This is the stuff nightmares are made of.

I was trying to come up with music appropriate for this situation. The best I could do was “crude furie degli orridi abissi” from Handel’s Serse, since Serse is kind of aware that he brought his misfortunes on himself, but he’s still wicked pissed.

Maybe what I need is an oratorio. Or a cantata. Cantatas are always good, right? Didn’t Bach write one for a librarian friend of his? BWV F229.B4.C969, also known as the Shelving Cantata. (Most people don’t know that Bach invented the Library of Congress call number system. But he did. And if you pay me enough, I will tell the undergraduates this tomorrow and we will see what happens. Not that my lecture has anything to do with either Bach or library cataloging systems, but you can always work in that kind of extra stuff if you have to.)

Or I could do the obvious thing and quit monkeying around with iTunes and write the stupid lecture.

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