I played a little ‘let’s grab something random off the library shelf and see how it is’ last night. The library shelf in question is not very big (although they’ve got two copies of the Glyndebourne Giulio Cesare – I guess it’s popular here?) but there’s some nice things on it. I was happy to discover a while back that they have both the ENO and that other version of Ariodante, the one with Curtis/Il Complesso Barocco. I really wish there was another DVD version of Ariodante that combined the dramatic intensity and regi-ish qualities of the first with the being-in-Italian-rather-than-English of the second. But never mind that right now. Maybe I should just go and console myself with Von Otter/Minkowski/Les Musiciens du Louvre on CD?

What I ended up with yesterday was a DVD recorded at the Styriarte festival in 2001 of Harnoncourt and the Concentus Musicus Wien performing Haydn’s Symphony #92 and some of his opera arias with Cecilia Bartoli.

I was able to watch half of it before falling dead asleep, but what I heard was pretty nice. I like Haydn any time, and I haven’t listened to Bartoli in ages – I’m not sure why not. She can be kind of exhausting to watch, with the intensity of the facial expressions and all that, but it sure sounds good.