Weekend 9-1-12 / Hurl that spheroid down the field!

First off, has anyone else who uses WordPress been experiencing some problems with the spam filters? I keep finding actual comments by people who comment regularly in the spam pile – this has never happened at all for me before the past few weeks or so.

Originally, I thought I might have to batten down the hatches and stay home this weekend on account of a hurricane, but fortunately this has not happened. I do plan to not go near campus tomorrow, though, on account of that it’s Game Day. Football, that is. The American kind, with head-smashing and helmets and 300 pound guys slamming into one another and an entire quad full of drunk undergraduates. It is a big deal here. I have never attended or worked at a university before that had a football team anyone outside the university cared all that much about, so the level of YEAAAAHHH FOOOTBALLLLLL around here takes some getting used to. I have never been one for watching football since I don’t really watch sports in general, and I find football in particular excruciating because all the action seems to grind to a halt like every two seconds. It makes me impatient.

So, because I was thinking about football, I decided to steel myself for an encounter with the closest thing I have in my house to a 300 pound linebacker: the Metropolitan Opera Box Set of Death. It ends here. This weekend. Five operas. Three days. To pervert the ironic football fight song of a certain institution of higher education that has historically been much better at irony than football: “Fight fiercely, Earworm! Fight fight fight!”

13 thoughts on “Weekend 9-1-12 / Hurl that spheroid down the field!

    1. Maybe it’s just me then. I’ll just have to be more assiduous about checking the spam. (And possibly I will make a foray into the settings to see if I didn’t uncheck some important box or something)


    1. If you take the screwy things WP does personally, you are in for a world of hurt 🙂

      The operas are Rosenkavalier, Elektra, The rise and fall of the city of Mahagonny, Wozzek and Lulu.


      1. Heavy! I remember that Lulu broadcast! I was so bummed that Stratas was sick, but pretty thrilled with her “substitute”. You have me seriously considering a purchase of that killer set. I think the only one I own already is the Ariadne auf Naxos. Have fun!


          1. Yeah, then I saw it a week or two before the taping, on a night there was a bomb scare, over and above all the other godawfulness, and only about half an audience. Prime circumstances for Berg, I thought, as we discussed with an usher the probable contents of a paper bag somebody had left in the fam circ. But I guess PBS chickened out in the end.


            1. That would indeed be prime circumstances for Berg. I remember how jumpy everyone was those weeks (can’t really blame people for that, of course). I was still in college, and we had a bomb scare in the library – or something like that; I was never sure what had happened. They evacuated the entire building.

              Were the contents of the paper bag ever determined?


              1. iirc, we all looked at each other, weighing the odds, and then, with our tacit agreement, the usher opened the bag, scrutinized the contents a moment, and said “ham on rye”.

                I was in junior high in the days of the Weather Underground, and we used to have bomb scares all the time, to the point where our pequeño little dorf had a bomb squad on call. Eventually they quit evacuating the building, I think when they figured out it was mostly bratty little eighth graders trying to get out of exams.


                1. I worked three summer vacations in central London at the height of the IRA activity. One got a bit blase after a while and anyway after seeing the premier of Henze’s “We Come to the River” an IRA bomb seemed quite a mild assault on the senses and at least mercifully quick.


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