Weekend 9-2-12 / I don’t eat during operas, but sometimes, like General Patton, I make my own intermissions

Not sure how I will respond if anyone asks me on Tuesday how I spent the long weekend. “Well, originally I had this box with twelve operas in it, and then there were five, and I thought I might watch all five, and then instead of cooking dinner on Saturday night I decided to skip the hassle and have Cheez-Its instead . . . .no, I didn’t go to the game. By the time it started I was halfway through Der Rosenkavalier and covered in orange crumbs.”

I suppose if I want to deflect attention from my bizarre weekend activities I can tell people about what happened right after “Wie du warst! wie du bist!” which was that a man in fatigues and wading boots knocked on my door loud enough to bring both my neighbor and me outside and asked me, squinting, whether I knew where the field was around here for *mumble*hunting.

I have this impression that this man was wearing mirrored sunglasses, but I also remember the squint, so I can’t be sure. I do remember thinking that he looked an awful lot like how General Patton looks in the movies. It turned out that he wanted to hunt doves. I think. Neither my neighbor nor I knew where anyone might go to do this, so General Patton returned to his pickup and made his way north.

6 thoughts on “Weekend 9-2-12 / I don’t eat during operas, but sometimes, like General Patton, I make my own intermissions

  1. Cheez-its for dinner! I love it. I think we may be related! I am glad you didn’t know where the dove hunting was, because then you’d have found out what it sounds like when doves cry.

    I watched about half of Idomeneo (broadcast from Aix en Provence — a bootleg, shhhhh) that I picked up tp see/hear Richard Croft and to see the freaky Oliver Py staging. I had to stop watching because hearing Italian and reading French subtitles was frying my brain.


    1. We may be! I have weaknesses for relatively few junk-food items, but Cheez-its are one of them.

      Those subtitles would fry my brain too – when things in Italian are subtitled in French or German or whatever I always end up spending too much time reading the subtitles and matching them up with what I’m hearing, which is both an epic distraction and really exhausting. Makes me wish I’d had a better foreign language education as a young person, so that I could be fluent enough in some of these languages to read subtitles out of the corner of my eye like I can with English ones.


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